The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on the Record of Events at CREATION

Act of Creation

Part – III


The Question

During the creation, an Atma asked a question:

‘What shall I do when or if I forget your LAWS, Rules, and Principles of Life?’


The Answer

In reply, GOD said:

“I hereby nominate my First Born to be The Teacher throughout this epoch.

I shall place Him in different parts of the living earth in a different body each time according to people living in that place to deliver The Teachings to the people wherever He is placed.

He shall prepare The Teachings as answers to all your questions.

When delivering The Teachings, He shall be known as The Incarnation.

He shall be born, raised and exit the physical universe according to the ordinary Laws, Rules and Principles of science and society as laid down and discovered.

He shall obey all my LAWS, Rules and Principles while preparing The Teachings for you to help you live in society according to The Way of Life.

When you need answers, Seek and Ask The Teacher in His Incarnation and then follow The Teachings He shall give you.

My first born shall always be the only one who shall be The Teacher on earth.

He shall reveal Himself to you when the occasion demands and according to His Determination.”



Comment 1:   In conformity to that COVENANT given by GOD, The Teacher is the Atma/Soul that has always been present on earth in different Incarnations in different human bodies from time to time.

Comment 2:   The Teacher is always ready to answer all your questions to enable you to live your life in society and move forward on the Path of Salvation.

Comment 3:   You may pose any question to The Teacher. However, you not demand an answer to any question. The answer by The Teacher in Incarnation will be made through one or more Partial Teachings when given by Him. Therefore, you should keep visiting the website for updates and answers to questions posed by you or other seekers. Study the Partial Teaching on Questions and Answers.

Comment 4:    This epoch (the physical universe) started 6 trillion years ago at the Act of Creation. The current epoch will continue for the next 60 trillion years till The Day of Knowledge.


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